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History // founded in Rome in 2000 by Art Director Lorenzo Cognatti

The most recent activities produced by the Group, include:

2018 – Art direction of the international march “Step by step. Face to Face”- from Brindisi to S. Maria di Leuca.

2018  - Art direction and general management of the cultural program 2018 for the area hit by the earthquake in Lazio Region (Italy), in collaboration with Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Lazio Region, and local administrations.

2017 – Organization of the MIME INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL at  Jobel Center.

2016/2017 – It produces 2 festivals for children and families: “DOMENICHE DA FAVOLA” and  “INCONTRI DA FAVOLA”, in collaboration with  Lazio Region and Rieti municipality.

since 2016 – Jobel Center becomes National Artistic Residency for Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage and Lazio Region

2016 – It becomes member of Undercreative Network, promoted by European Union.

2016 – It produces for Eataly Roma the “Christmas Town”

2015/2016/2017 – It directs projects of cultural tourism together with Lazio Region, Rieti Province, Municipality of Rieti: “SULLA VIA DEL SALE, UNA TERRA SI RACCONTA”, “I RACCONTI DEL MANTELLO” and “RIETI ’600″.

2015 – It produces the event “Castle of Time” in Castel S. Angel of Rome .

2015 – It directs the   XXXI edition of the historical event “ASSALTO AL CASTELLO” (Contigliano, Lazio)

2015 – It produces the show “The Kid”, from Chaplin’s movie, approved by Charles Chaplin / Export Roy, winner of the Attilio Corsini and Vincenzo Cerami awards. The premiere of the show is in Teatro Vittoria of Rome.

2015 – It runs the “Family Theatre Festival” in Bolsena (Vt) and Contigliano (Ri), in collaboration with ATCL, Lazio Region and the local Municipalities.

2014 – Jobel Center is recognized as one of the eleven official Cultural Centres in Lazio Region

2013 – Italian/German theatrical co-production presented in the Pantomimen Festival of Dresden

Since 2012 the Group has the direction of the Bottega Theatre of Rome.

2012 – tour through Brazil, India and Japan with the works: “Mameli, canto di un giovane italiano”, “Metamorfosi”, “Dante. Inferno” “Emmaus” “The Mother conference” “Artistic work demonstration”.

The Group has directed in Rome, since 2012 and in collaboration with Municipality of Rome, the “Festival del Teatro Giovane” dedicated to the creativity of youths.

In 2011 and 2012 the Group directed the prestigious Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni (Siena, Italy).

In 2011, in the context of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy and in collaboration with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, The Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture, The Municipality City of Rome, the Italian Cultural Institute of St. Paul (Brazil) and RAI (Italian Radio and Television), the Group  produced the Opera “Mameli. Song of a young Italian.”

In 2010, in the occasion of the Middle East meeting of religious leaders with the Pope and on the recommendation of the Vatican, the Group produced the work “Abraham”, based upon the issue of peaceful dialogue between religions, in collaboration with the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and with distinguished Christians, Jewish and Islamic scholars.

In 2008 the Group -produced “Genesis”, regarding a comparison of cultures: a cast composed of members from the 5 continents explained the creation of the Universe. It was presented at the Teatro Argentina in Rome, at the Trianon in Naples and in the historic church of  Saint Mary Traspontina in Rome.

In 2005 the Group produced “Beyond the White Line”, which dealt with the prostitution racket, and it played at the Sala Umberto of Rome, the Palacreberg of Bergamo and the Piccini of Bari.

Among the many national and international collaborations, the Group lists: the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, the Council of Europe, the Vatican, the Italian Episcopal Conference, Rai Television and the European Association Via Francigena, as well as various Italian universities, municipalities, provinces and Regions of Italy, the Medieval Festival of Elche (Spain), the Warsaw Mime Center (Poland), the Association International Via Francigena (Switzerland), the Italian Institute of Culture in Brazil, the Italian Cultural Institute of Tokyo (Japan), Cinearte Sarau, Gandarella Institute, Lima Productiones, the University of Minas Gerais, the University of S. Paolo (Brazil), the Goldston Mime Foundation (USA), Artists of Sunu Africa (Senegal), Artists Opera Beijing (China), Akordeaki (Francia), Pantomime Festival of Dresden (Germania).


Partners and Collaborations:
Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri
Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
Regione Lazio
Istituto culturale Italiano di S. Paolo (Brasile)
Croce Rossa Italiana